Strategic Planning

- Market research;

- Simulation of scenarios;

- Definition of goals;

- The impact meansuring of innovations (business and technology);

- Positioning on the market;

- Definition of stakeholders;

- Structuring of communication for stakeholders and early adopters;

- KPI - Key Performance Indicator;

- OKR - Objectives and key results;

- Among others.

Financial Consulting

- Revenue models;

- Pricing models;

- Society structure;

- Valuation of the Startup;

- Cash flow;

- Financial projection;

- Forms of financing;

- Communication with investors;

- Costs structure: operacional and pre-operacional;

- Among others.

Legal advice

- Legal structuring of companies;

- Juridical security for investors and startups;

- Contracts of vesting for new employees;

- NDA;

- Tag along, drag along, lookup;

- Among others.

Digital Marketing Consulting

- Analysis about the company's digital maturity level;

- Campaign purpose definition;

- Measurement of the traffic in the social networks;

- Campaign performace and tests A/B;

- Conversion outcomes through social networks;

- Analysis tools;

- Sales KPIs.


Business Management

Project Management